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SECTION EA - Led Cattle

SECTION EA - Led Cattle

2022 Walgett Show Schedules and Programs

2022 Main Sections 

SECTION EA - Led Cattle

SECTION EB - Commercial Breeders

& SECTION EC - Commercial Cattle

SECTION F - Merino Sheep


SECTION H - Poultry

SECTION I - Children's Pets

& SECTION J - Dog Sports

(& SECTION K - Dogs not held in 2022)

SECTION M - Cookery

(incl. Jams & Preserves)

SECTION MM - Children's Cookery

SECTION N - Needlework & Dressmaking

SECTION NN - School Children's Handicraft

(incl. LEGO)

SECTION O - Knitting

2021 Walgett Show Yard Dog Trial

SECTION OO - Crochet

2022 Pavilion & Produce Sections - DOWNLOAD HERE

SECTION P - Handicrafts, Patchwork & 


Complete 2022 Pavilion schedule -


(can also download by section below, but please note initial exhibitor entry requirements page directly below as well as any individual section pages)

SECTION Q - Aboriginal Artifacts & Painting

SECTION R - Fine Arts

SECTION S - Photography

Office Bearers &

Exhibitor entry requirements

SECTION L - Horticulture

Cut Flowers

SECTION T, U, X, Z - Schoolwork

2022 Horse Events Program

SECTION  A - Ring Events & Sporting Events

SECTION  B - Show Jumping - Sat 8th May only, 9 AM start 

Will also be in Horse Events Program.

(N.B. see Cut Flowers for entry closing time for Indoor Plants & Decorative Classes)

Indoor (Potted) Plants &

Decorative Classes

(incl. Children's Decorative Classes)

SECTION C - Produce

Walgett Show Campdraft - entry via ABCRA icompete:

ABCRA 2022 Walgett Show Campdraft Program brochure:

2022 Walgett Show Entertainment Guide

Will be uploaded when finalized

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